29 May 2011

Tip: Use Notepad when Composing Story for Tree on Ancestry.com

I often use Wordpad when I'm working with the "Add a Story" feature on a Family Tree at Ancestry.com (or to compose a new post for this blog). Wordpad opens faster on my computer than Word, and speed is welcomed whenever I'm working to get a piece written and uploaded. Also, Notepad doesn't impose any formating on what I am composing.

The latter feature is particularly important when I am copying material from another website for the piece I am writing. When I enter the copied material directly into the story window on a Family Tree (or into the Blogspot Post composition space), sometimes the formatting stays with the copy and I have to do some work to get rid of it. The same sometimes happens when I use Word as the intermediate workspace. With WordPad, it's not a problem.

One example: yesterday I copied passenger ticket and passport record information from the Emigrant Register database (subscription required) provided by the Finland Institute of Migration (http://www.migrationinstitute.fi/sinst/emigrantregister.php) and added it as a "story" to a person's profile in a Family Tree on Ancestry.com. No lingering formating to deal with.

Sometimes old technology--in this case, Wordpad--does a job best, and yes, Wordpad is found even on Windows 7.

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