13 May 2011

New Computer Up and Running with Windows 7

I have spent this past week selecting, buying, and installing a new Dell computer with Windows7.
The transfer of existing data files from my 7-year-old PC went smoothly, although it took some time. 

Restoring the software, however, was a separate process and was pretty intense, partly because I had to find the original program discs or downloads as the first step. As it turned out, some of the software I was using wasn't quite up to working with the 64-bit version of Windows 7 on my new computer. So I had to select and purchase some new software, including Microsoft Publisher 2010. Last night, I completed that step and was able to open all the existing Publisher files for the Western Reserve Genealogy Bulletin, published by the Genealogical Committee, an auxiliary of WRHS. This was important because I  edit and lay out it out every three months. The neat thing about this new version is that it can create PDF files directly rather than having to go through another piece of software. I value this capability because the Bulletin is being distributed to some subscribers as a PDF via e-mail.
Incidentally, the old computer (also a Dell) was running OK, but it's 30-GB hard drive (pretty measily by today's standards) was nearly full of data files and programs. The new computer with Windows 7 and 6 GB of RAM is fast -- starting up programs, searching on the Internet, etc.

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