25 May 2011

Oops! Missed the VH1 Episode of 50 Cent's Family History Journey Last Night

I knew ahead of time about the family history-oriented episode on the rock channel VH! featuring rapper 50 Cent. BUT, I forgot that it was last night. Anyway, I was watching a fascinating documentary on WVIZ (Channel 2 on Time-Warner Cable) about the history of the Cleveland Clinic.

I was reminded of my oversight this morning when I opened my email and read the latest issue of "Genealogy Insider," which was posted at 2:55 this morning. The lead item, by Diane Haddad of the Family Tree Magazine staff, was entitled:

Recap of VH1's Genealogy Show "50 Cent: The Origin of Me"

Yes, you can go ahead and click on the link and read her report if you were like me and missed the broadcast.

I tried to watch the episode on the VH1 website this morning (I'm a morning person), but there apparently were some problems with the correct link being posted. I also tried to watch some of the clips, but the video was uneven and starting each clip was 30-sec commercial that I couldn't defeat. Overall, not a positive web experience.

In one of the clips, 50 Cent observes that a man he was visiting knew his music, then he states "But everybody knows my music." Well, 50 Cent, you got that wrong! I not only don't know your music, I hadn't heard of you at all before this episode was publicized. To be more precise, I don't listen to or even acknowledge rap music. I guess that I am a couple generations separated from appreciating this music genre.

One more thing: in the show, you are wearing a New York Yankees baseball cap! In my book, that's another reason to not to be a fan of you.

However, I did enjoy reading Diane Haddad's recap of your episode, 50 Cent, so thanks for focusing some attention on the exploration of family history..

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