08 May 2011

Keeping Your Passwords Safely in the Cloud with IronStratus--for Free

I think I have found an answer to dealing with the plethora of passwords that I use to access my various Internet accounts, social networks, subscriptions, etc. 

I have a password database program on my laptop and desktop computers, and I have managed pretty well to synchronize them so that they have the same information. However, the other day I wanted to sign in to a online database from a computer that didn't have my database. I was stymied because I couldn't remember the exact password for this particular database.

IronStratus appears to be the answer to this password problem. It is a free, cloud-based service that offers one-click access to all web applications.  Using IronStratus can reduce password and login time and effort while providing good security at the same time. With it, I can access websites that require a sign-in from anywhere there is an Internet connection and a browser.

An IronStratus account can be created in as little as 5 minutes and requires no software to set up or manage. The free account can be set up at:https://secure.ironstratus.com/registration/signup. In the process, you do create the one password that you have to remember.

After you have  created the account, you can sign in to each of your Social Network and other Internet accounts one by one and IronStratus will remember what you enter. When you want to access one of these Internet accounts, you simply sign in to your IronStatus account with the single username and password and choose the target account from the account list you have created. By clicking on the target account from this list, you ask IronStratus to sign you in--and after few seconds you are in that account.

It has worked well for me so far and I am proceeding to add account names and data to cover all my needs. 

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