14 June 2011

Display the Stars and Stripes on Flag Day (June 14)

Today is Flag Day. It's not a holiday where we get a day off from work, or have picnics, or go to special sales. It's just a day to honor the symbol of our country -- the U.S. Flag.

June 14 became Flag Day in 1916 but it didn't receive an official Congressional designation until 1949, making it one of our newer observances. It's a day that we all should fly our national flag.

It's appropriate on this day to call attention to the rules for displaying the flag properly. If displayed on a pole with other flags, it should be uppermost. When displayed on a staff in a meeting room, it should be to the speaker's right on the podium. If other flags are displayed in the same room, they should be on the speaker's left. When placed on a wall, the flag should be displayed with the union uppermost and to the observer's left. Finally, if you wear a flag pin, it should be on your lapel on the left (near the heart).

There are Internet sources for more information on our flag's history and on flag etiquette. Go to  americanflags.org, the Web site of the National Flag Foundation; legion.org, the Web site of the American Legion; or vfw.org, the Web site of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

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