24 April 2012

OGS Publictations To Go Digital in 2013

The Ohio Genealogical Society issued today the following news release:

For the first time, in 2013, OGS Members will have the ability to receive Ohio Genealogical News and/or Ohio Genealogical Society Quarterly digitally on the OGS Website at http://www.ogs.org. For those who still want paper, both will still be available through the mail.


For many years OGS Members and Non-OGS people have been given the option to buy two subscription publications: Ohio Records and Pioneer Families and Ohio Civil War Genealogy Journal. Beginning in 2013 there will be no need to subscribe to these two publications as they are being merged into the all new Ohio Genealogical Society Quarterly with more pages covering all types of material from all eras of Ohio genealogy including Civil War and early Ohio Pioneers. There will be no increase in dues and no more subscription rates to pay!

All OGS members will have the opportunity to use the Ohio Civil War Genealogy Center online at http://www.ogs.org which includes articles, databases and all back issues of OCWGJ; and to use the all new Article Archives.

Eric Johnson, VP of Members Services has named Susan Lee as the Senior Editor of the Publications Committee. The committee is in charge of the merger. Laurel Sheppard will be joining Susan as Assistant Editor of OGS Quarterly. Daniel Reigle will continue to work on Civil War related articles and databases, but has personally decided to step down as an editor into a Civil War Contributor’s role. Sunny Morton will remain Editor of Ohio Genealogy News, Kay Hudson will be joining the Publications Committee as Editor of Special Articles. More committee members will be named in the near future.

Ohio Genealogy News will not be affected by the merger of ORPF, OCWGJ with OGS Quarterly.

Details and more information will be announced shortly.

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