23 November 2011

Honoring Your Ancestors in Century Families of Ohio

Have you considered honoring your 20th century immigrant ancestors who came to Ohio before 2011 by filing an application to the Ohio Genealogical Society’s Century Families of Ohio Society? By now you probably are aware that OGS is holding its 2012 annual conference in Cleveland next spring, April 12-14, to be exact, at the Hotel Intercontinental on the campus of the Cleveland Clinic. If you apply before the end of this year, and your application is accepted, you will be inducted during a banquet held on Thursday evening, the first day of the conference.
Century Families of Ohio is a lineage society open to OGS members who prove their descent from an ancestor who lived in Ohio from 1861 to 100 years prior to the current year (in this case, 1911). There is a searchable database of persons who have been honored in the Century Families of Ohio available on the OGS website (2011 was the charter year for CFO). It is open to the public, but if you already are a member of the society, you have access to more information if you first log in with your membership information.
In most cases, the starting document for the ancestor or ancestors to be honored is the earliest Ohio census in which they appear. If your ancestors immigrated to Ohio before 1910, they should appear in the 1910 Census. Other documents that you will need to prove descendency include death, marriage, and birth records for each generation, including your own. Your application and all the included documentation, if accepted, would be added to the CFO database. The application form and regulations are available for download on the OGS website at www.ogs.org.
The other OGS lineage societies are the First Families of Ohio, Settlers and Builders of Ohio, and the Civil War Families of Ohio. Details on each of these lineage societies also can be found on the OGS website. 

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