05 July 2011

More Advanced Technology for Marking Grave Sites

Yesterday, I posted a report of a geocaching trip that took me, my son, and my grandson to the three cemeteries here in Brecksville, and how the creator of the trip served up a bit of history and genealogy along the way.

For that effort, I used my Garmin Etrex Legend GPS unit, which is now about nine years old. I hadn't used it for some time, and had to spend some time getting re-acquainted with how to use it--and particularly how to enter longitude and latitude data. When I was using it, I found it to be useful for marking the locations of a grave site--within about 20 feet of accuracy. That  was usually close enough so that I (and others) could find it again later.

After doing some research on the Internet, I learned that I can download an app or two that will enable me to perform the same marking function on my Droid smart phone. Using this approach may even be more accurate than using the nine-year old Etrex.

So I have something else to put on my genealogy "to do" list: Evaluate the more up-to-date approach to marking grave sites (and using my Droid for geocaching, as well). When I get around to it, I'll report the results on this blog.

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